Nugget of Knowledge: The Tickle Truth

Tickleishness dimishes as we age

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Some people are more ticklish than others — and we’re not sure why.

There are super-tasters, and super-smellers. So there might be people who are super-ticklish.

There are people who don’t appreciate being tickled at all. In that case, the body is mimicking a pleasure, and when this person is giggling or laughing, really its almost a form of abuse. We don’t know why some are more ticklish than other people.

We do know that younger people tend to be more ticklish than older people. And by the time you’re 40-years-old, this feeling of ticklishness sort of falls off.

And by the way, no matter how ticklish you are, you can’t tickle yourself. This is called sensory attenuation. Your body knows it’s going to happen and the brain shuts down the tickling sensation. It’s an evoulutionary trait.

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