Nugget of Knowledge: Difference between vanilla and French vanilla

French vanilla has a special ingredient

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – What’s the difference between vanilla and French vanilla ice cream?

The name may sound a little fancier than just plain “vanilla,” but it has nothing to do with the origin of the vanilla itself.

Vanilla is a tropical plant that grows near the equator.

The difference comes down to eggs.

The base of French vanilla ice cream has eggs yolks added to it. The French started this tradition.

The eggs give French vanilla ice cream both a smoother consistency and that subtle yellow color. The taste is a little richer and a little more complex than regular vanilla.

French vanilla ice cream may date back to at least Colonial time when Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both used ice cream recipes that included egg yolks.

Jefferson likely acquired his taste for ice cream during the time he spent in France, and he served it to his White House guests several times.

His family’s ice cream recipe calls for six egg yolks per quart of cream, and it seems to have come from his French butler.

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