Local police and users wary about new Snapchat location feature

Thanks to the latest Snapchat update it is entirely possible to find your exact location via social media

Snapchat location feature issues.

NEW MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Thanks to the latest Snapchat update it is entirely possible to find your exact location via social media.

The new Snap Map feature is raising a lot of security concerns. Local Snapchat users and law enforcement are weighing on the benefits and drawbacks of letting everyone you know, and those you don’t, where you are all the time.

One of the first and maybe the most troubling problem is that many users don’t even know the new feature exists. It’s on unless you turn it off.

The Snap Map shows other users where you were last– and what time you were there. That makes some frequent Snappers uncomfortable.

“Might not want everyone to know where I am. Maybe my closer friends but maybe not random people,” said Tamara Talarico of Austintown.

That’s what police are worried about, especially in regards to children using the social networking app. Chief Vincent D’Egidio with the New Middletown Police Department said the cyber world is not a place where parents want their kids to be without some protections.

“People pretend to be young kids and they friend you. That opens up a world of opportunity for predators and bad people to cause harm to our youngsters,” D’Egidio said.

Kids aren’t the only ones who are impacted by the location feature. It can be dangerous for adults too. D’Egidio said in domestic violence situations or stalking cases a victim is easy prey by using a tracking system on social media.

Snapchat issued a statement expressing their concern for the safety of their customers of all ages. They have made the location feature optional for each user. Click the settings button on the map and there are options to choose who can see your location or you can enable the ghost mode feature.