Doctors by day, rock stars by night: Local band gives back to Valley

Dr. Asif Khan and Dr. Zafar Sheik have formed the band "Spy Convention" and are donating some of their proceeds to Second Harvest Food Bank

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Some people say “music heals the soul” but when two doctors are also musicians, there might be some extra power behind that saying.

Dr. Asif Khan, an asthma and allergy specialist, and Dr. Zafar Sheik, an opthalmologist, have teamed up to help Second Harvest Food Bank feed families in the Valley.

“Zafar and I met about four or five years ago, I think it’s been, and since, we hit it off,” Khan said. “I invited him to my house one day. Guitar sitting in the corner, he picks it up and starts singing, and I couldn’t believe the sound I heard coming out of his voice.”

After that day, the two formed their band, “Spy Convention.”

“We’re both doctors. Zafar came up with the idea that he wanted a catchy name,” Khan said. “We had a couple other names prior to this and he popped out that idea and I said, ‘Let’s roll with it, that’s fine with me!'”

Khan plays the drums and keyboard while Sheik covers guitar and vocals. They record in Khan’s home studio.

“We grew up in the ’80s, basically, and the music is very reflective of that time but we also wanted to put in some rock elements, some new stuff,” Khan said.

Their music has been played on local radio stations and their latest album, “Tidal,” is now being sold on iTunes.

When the doctors finished “Tidal,” they didn’t just want to sell it. They decided to give some of the proceeds to Second Harvest Food Bank.

“Every dollar goes very far with the way that they actually utilize every dollar for meals for people in this area and we were just dumbfounded. We were like, ‘Wow, you can get five meals out of a dollar,'” Khan said.

Their campaign with Second Harvest is running through September — Hunger Action Month.

“This is just another extension of what we do. We love…to give back as much as we can. We’ve been doing it for years, we’ve been doctors for years. So this is just sort of natural for us to do something like this,” Khan said.

Sheik wasn’t able to talk with 33 WYTV News Thursday night because he was with patients.

You can check out Spy Convention’s music on iTunes or on the band’s website.