Kinsman Twp. Park using surveillance cameras to catch vandals

KINSMAN TWP., Ohio (WYTV) – The Kinsman Township Park has been the victim of vandalism a few times over the years. Now, officials hope they can put a stop to with a warning and new surveillance cameras.

The message to would-be vandals in Kinsman is clear. It’s posted on the sign heading into the township park.

“Any vandalism — anybody that gets caught — will be prosecuted,” said Greg Leonhard, township trustee. “There will be zero tolerance.”

It’s a lesson two young men will be learning the hard way.

They were caught on the park’s newly installed surveillance cameras a few weeks ago, taking a spin around the playground in their pickup trucks. They were even going sideways and tearing up some of the grass.

Surveillance video of Kinsman Park

It may seem like the images are too far to tell, but investigators were able to zoom in and see the license plates, which pointed them directly to who was responsible.

Even though the damage was minimal this time around, Kinsman police hope by getting the word out that they will be using security cameras to catch the vandals, it’ll stop someone from doing it in the future.

The pickup truck incident was the first time police were able to catch someone vandalizing the park thanks to those cameras.

They plan to file criminal mischief charges against the suspects at the beginning of the week.

“I understand young people are gonna make bad decisions,” Leonhard said. “That’s in every walk of life. Adults make bad decisions. Basically that is a goal in all of this here is to send a message.”