Overdose leads Niles police to find child living in shocking conditions

Niles Police Captain John Marshall says the home on Fenton Street was the worst he's seen in 24 years

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – A drug overdose call to a Niles home Sunday lead police to finding a child living in horrible conditions. The child is now in the care of other family members and the mother is in the ER.

Niles Police Captain John Marshall says the home at 525 Fenton Street was the worst he’s seen in 24 years.

“The smell and terrible smell of animal waste and just garbage in general,” Marshall said.

Police say 32-year-old India Thornhill overdosed in the house that is owned by the child’s father. EMS and ambulance were called to help.

When police were getting information, they were told she had a nine-year-old child living in the home. That’s when they entered the house and found the shocking conditions inside.

“It was almost impossible to walk through the house because there was so much furniture, garbage and clothing piled up everywhere in the house,” Marshall said. “It was almost impossible to try to walk to try to get access to where the nine-year-old was asleep.”

Children services is still investigating to determine the future for the child. The city’s health department also has to check it out to decide if anyone will be able to live there again.

“As far as dad goes, dad was very cooperative,” Marshall said. “Explained he’s been trying to deal with the mom’s addiction, but unfortunately unsuccessfully.”