New program sets up Youngstown City Schools freshmen for success

Roshay Huff said students are less likely to graduate if they are behind by the end of freshman year

The Youngstown City School district is taking extra steps to set students up for success in high school.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Youngstown City School District is taking extra steps to set its students up for success in high school.

Incoming freshmen at Chaney and East High will be participating in the Bridge to High School Success camp next week.

The camp will be held from July 17-20 at Thiel College.

Students will engage in group activities to help them get acquainted with fellow students and their teachers, as well as to improve their team building and time management skills.

There will be a 9th grade academy for Chaney and East High students this coming school year, where the freshmen will have their own administration and counselors.

East High 9th grade Academy Principal Roshay Huff said the program is important because research shows that students who are behind by the end of 9th grade are less likely to graduate.

“All research points to the fact that if you’re behind at the end of 9th grade, your likelihood of graduation drastically diminishes because you’re constantly playing catch up. We really want to reiterate that to our students and our families that this really is a valuable program and it’s going to build for success,” she said.