Police: Youngstown woman burned by boyfriend with hot iron

The woman was burned twice during a fight that escalated with her boyfriend

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) РPolice say a Youngstown woman was hospitalized after her boyfriend struck her with a hot iron during a fight around 3:30 p.m. Monday.

The woman and her boyfriend were arguing and the fight escalated when the man threw an unidentified object at her, according to the police report. They began hitting each other until a hot iron was knocked to the floor.

The report said both of them grabbed for the hot iron. The woman told police that the suspect got to it first, and struck her once in the stomach and in the left arm, resulting in second-degree burns.

The incident allegedly happened at the man’s brother’s house, but the brother wasn’t home. The couple’s three children were there at the time.

When the brother came home, he separated the alleged victim and her boyfriend.

The woman didn’t realize she was burned until “after she calmed down” and was taken to the hospital by a family member, the report stated.

The man faces a felonious assault charge, but no charge has been filed yet.