Trumbull Co. 911 having technical issues locating calls

HOWLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – If you use Voice over Internet Protocol Services — or Voice over IP — you may have experienced an outage or two when it comes to calling 911.

But officials in Trumbull County say that’s not the only issue with that technology.

Voice over IP is technology that lets you make a phone call from pretty much anywhere using an Internet connection. But it’s that technology that’s raising challenges for people who answer the first call for help.

“It can be very dangerous,” said Ernest Cook, director of Trumbull Co. 911 Center.

Cook says their dispatchers have come across problems figuring out where a 911 call was coming from.

“We’ve had people that live in Charleston, S.C. that used to live in Cortland and called and it comes through our 911 center because they haven’t changed their address with their provider for two years,” he said.

And it’s not just a problem here in Trumbull County. Dispatchers across the country are running into the same issues too.

That’s why Cook says it’s important for the consumer to do their part.

“If you have bundled packages with these providers, you should just go to their website and make sure your address is properly registered,” he said.