Dump truck tears down traffic lights in Youngstown

Police officers have blocked off the area at W. Rayen Avenue and Elm Street

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A dump truck tore down a telephone pole, traffic lights and wires in Youngstown Wednesday afternoon.

Police officers blocked off the area at W. Rayen Avenue and Elm Street while the scene was cleared.

“Apparently a dump truck come through town after delivering a load,” Youngstown Police Lt. Bill Ross said. “For reasons that are yet unclear, the bed was up on the truck.”

The bed of the truck was slightly raised when it went under the light, clipping it. A pole was pulled out of the ground and traffic lights were hanging onto the roadway.

Hot Head Burritos lost internet service, so it couldn’t run credit cards, which is a big part of its business. Phones and power at another business were knocked out too.

Ohio Edison Crews took care of any live wires and got things running again.

Police say the driver is OK — he was walking around at the scene.

Investigators are going to follow up with the driver to get better idea of what happened, particularly how and why the bed of the truck was up.

“We’ll figure out here hopefully within the next week,” Ross said.

The part of Rayen Avenue where the incident occurred is usually busy when YSU is session for the fall and spring.

However, it’s not as crowded this time of year.