Man who robbed Struthers Dunkin’ Donuts gets 12 years in prison

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The man who admitted to robbing the Struthers Dunkin’ Donuts at gunpoint a year ago was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Wednesday.

Jamal Turner plead guilty in February to robbing the Dunkin’ Donuts in July 2016. But he skipped out on his original sentencing date — his lawyer saying Wednesday he wanted to celebrate his son’s first birthday.

Turner hoped his remorse now might have an impact.

“Well it might have meant something to the court if you’d a showed up when you were supposed to,” Judge Scott Krichbaum said. “You had the deal of a lifetime.”

In February, lawyers for both sides agreed to recommend a six-year sentence.

But Wednesday, the judge said there was no way he’d accept that, especially when Turner was already on parole from two other convictions at the time and wasn’t even allowed to have a gun.

“So it’s like double the trouble for you,” Krichbaum said.

At one point, Turner’s twin brother Jamael was arrested after storming out of the courtroom. When things calmed down again, the judge sentenced the defendant to 12 years behind bars, saying Turner’s actions that night took something from the store clerks they’ll never get back.

“Someday you’ll get out,” Krichbaum said. “But they’re never gonna forget what you did to them. And their lives will be changed forever because of that.”

When it was Turner’s turn to speak, he tried to apologize. But Judge Scott Krichbaum couldn’t hear him.

“You need to speak so somebody could hear you,” he said.

But Turner didn’t speak much louder.

“Wow, that speech didn’t do much good did it?” Krichbaum said.

After a sobbing relative was led from court, the defendant’s brother tried to apologize for his outburst. But the judge held him in contempt.

He’ll be back in front of the judge Thursday morning.