Aqua Ohio issues alert for water customers in Masury

MASURY, Ohio (WYTV) – Aqua Ohio says customers in Masury have nothing to worry about after an alert was sent out to the area’s water system on Wednesday.

The alert was sent due to high levels of Total Haloacetic Acids (HAAS) that were found in the water.

Total Haloacetic Acids are created by a disinfection byproduct, and they aren’t harmful if they’re below certain levels. However, the water in Masury showed levels of 0.061 mg/L, which is above the state’s standard of 0.060 mg/L.

Aqua Ohio spokesman Jeff LaRue said customers don’t need to be concerned; they can continue drinking the water as usual.

State law says the water company has to notify customers of any issues, even if the levels are only slightly elevated.

The levels of HAAS don’t pose an immediate health risk, but some people who drink water containing haloacetic acids in excess over the years have an increased risk of getting cancer. Customers should contact their doctors with any specific health concerns.

West Farmington had similar issues with its water supply last year.

LaRue said Aqua Ohio is trying to determine why the sample was high.

The last test was done on May 8, but the company takes an average of tests each quarter to determine levels.

Another test will be done within 10 days. If the water is normal, there is no requirement that Aqua Ohio has to notify its customers. So, water customers may not be notified unless there are further issues with tests.