Legend says cursed ground is to blame for Trumbull Co. Fair’s rain

CORTLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – It’s something people have come to expect — rain at the Trumbull County Fair. So much so, that there’s a legend behind the rain.

“If we don’t get rain, then it isn’t the Trumbull County Fair,” said Joann Wagner, of Youngstown.

“We get the rain,” said Sharon Christner, of Christner’s Concessions.

It’s even something the fair board prepares for.

“All the directors have a Plan A and a Plan B,” Bud Rodgers said. “Your Plan A is to do everything perfect and the rain comes, and you just change your plan to B and you just keep on goin’ forward.”

The Trumbull County Fair began on Tuesday. In just the last 80 hours, Doppler Radar estimates the fairgrounds have seen more than an inch of rain.

“It’s a given here at the Trumbull County Fair,” Christner said.

And why’s that?

“Well they say Indian burial grounds,” she said. “They’re mad because we’re here.”

Christner has been going to the fair for 44 years. She said ever since she can remember, people have been telling that story and it’s a legend that almost everyone seems to know.

“No matter what day it is or the week it is, we always get rain,” Wagner said. “We sit there and say the Indians chant to make sure that they know we’re here on their grounds.”

Christner said it must be true.

“I believe it. I do, I do because we get the rain every year.”

But whether rain or shine, the fair goes on. So crews were preparing the dirt track Thursday for a night of racing if the weather allows.

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