Dresses held hostage inside Alfred Angelo Bridal stores nationwide

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Local brides who have dresses trapped inside Alfred Angelo Bridal in Boardman are at a loss after the store abruptly closed Thursday evening.

“I’ve got a wedding in two weeks,” Shanequa Gordon said. “Where are our dresses?”

That’s the one question countless brides across the country have for Alfred Angelo.

The company filed for bankruptcy Friday afternoon and closed all of its over 60 stores nationwide.Brides scrambling after Alfred Angelo Bridal in Boardman abruptly closes

“I don’t want my wedding to be a disaster behind a store closing and I feel for me and every other bride,” Shanequa said. “We shouldn’t have to go through this.”

She and her sister were at the Boardman store just yesterday, receiving some final alterations.

“They told us that their credit card machine was down and they couldn’t accept credit card payments at the time, so we went and got cash. We came back, they were closed,” Shanequa said.

She and her family are furious. They have seven dresses trapped inside that store, adding up to several thousand dollars.

“All of their dresses are here in this store. They never, not once, stated that they were closing,” said Shanequa’s mother, Stefonia.

Shanequa’s family is scrambling to find a solution. So far, they’ve not had any luck. No bridal shop can accommodate them in under two weeks.

“Right now, I’m upset. I need answers. I’m hurt for my sister,” said Shanequa’s sister and maid of honor, Erica Rivers.

“I’m very, very upset,” Stefonia said. “She’s upset, I’m upset, a lot of stress, a lot of frustration, a lot of anger.”

Shanequa’s message to Alfred Angelo Bridal?

“All we want is our dresses that we paid for. That’s all we want.”

The company is still not responding to any requests for comment on its closing.