Warren shop owner describes being run over by thieves’ getaway car

If you recognize the two in the security video below, call Det. Greaver at 330-841-2723

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – A business owner is furious after she says she was run over by a car as she tried to chase down two suspected shoplifters, who Warren police are still trying to identify.

Now, Chang Hall is using crutches and a wheelchair to get around. Customers of her Main Avenue store, Dub City Beauty, keep coming to check in on Hall — also known as Miss Kim.

“A lot of pain. I can’t sleep at nighttime, then I’m very sick,” she said.

Hall’s ankle is wrapped up — an injury she says happened when a pair of shoplifters ran over her with their getaway car.

“She a very dangerous lady. I’m very scared right now,” Hall said.

Security video from inside Dub City Beauty shows what happened. Police are trying to figure out who the lady with the red ball cap is, along with what appears to be a younger girl.

Police say they stole some hair extensions.

“She walks some stuff to what appears to be the back of the store and kind of lays it on the floor,” said Warren Police Det. John Greaver. “Then she’ll leave that area, then she’ll come back, and folds it up and sticks it in her purse.”

Hall saw what happened and tried to intervene.

“I ask her, ‘Give back my hair!’ And [she] said, ‘I didn’t steal!’ ‘Yes you do, I see you!'”

Hall said she could show the surveillance video and asked for her merchandise.

“Then she said, ‘I don’t have it.’ Then she punched my stomach, she punch my stomach. I said, ‘Little girl, you’re not supposed to punch me.'”

“Everybody went outside, which is where she got run over, in the parking lot,” Greaver said.

There’s no video of what happened outside. Hall said the car is a white or gray Chevy and that the plates might be from out-of-state.

Hall said the suspects may have come in a few times before but she isn’t sure.

If you recognize the two in the security video, call Det. Greaver at 330-841-2723.

Greaver said tips from the public are “huge.”

“Sometimes the cases will go, just completely dead without help from the public.”