Youngstown police: 2 people allegedly hit with baseball bat during fight

Police say two people were allegedly hit with a baseball bat during a fight in Youngstown early Sunday morning

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Youngstown police are investigating after two people were reportedly hit with a baseball bat during a fight in Youngstown early Sunday morning.

According to a report, police arrived at East Auburndale Avenue at 2:15 a.m. for a fight between two males. They were advised that one man had a knife and was walking toward South Avenue.

Police found the man in the area with a severe cut on top of his head.

He told police that he and his girlfriend were at another man’s house when an argument started. He said the other man told his girlfriend to “shut up, using less than gentlemanly terms,” according to a police report.

He then stuck up for his girlfriend, which is when the other man grabbed a baseball bat and hit him in the head with it, the report stated. The man told police that his girlfriend was also hit in the left side of her face with the bat.

The suspect told police, however, that the three were drinking when they began arguing. He said he then grabbed the bat and the other man fell off the porch, hitting the back of his head on paving stones, according to the report.

The male victim was taken to Mercy Health for treatment. The woman did not need treatment.

No arrests were made.

According to the report, the reporting officer noted that all three people were “extremely intoxicated” and had a difficult time remembering what the original disagreement was about.