Mahoning County burglar asks judge to reconsider prison sentence

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A man who was handed a four-year prison sentence for a string of burglaries throughout Mahoning County appeared in court Monday, asking the judge to reconsider his sentence.

Mahoning County Common Pleas Judge Anthony D’Apolito has not yet ruled on a sentencing reconsideration for 29-year-old Kevin Cartwright, who pleaded guilty to the burglaries in December of 2015. Cartwright was given a proposed sentencing in May of 2017.

Cartwright spent most of the time in between in Mahoning County Jail and going through treatment.

One of Cartwright’s victims was someone he knew.

In court on Monday, Judge D’Apolito read a statement that victim made at Cartwright’s hearing:

The situation would not be half as bad if it had been a stranger who did this to me. The fact that it was someone I knew well, treated well — better than most people in his life. It’s the thanks I get for being kind.”

“I have to deal with the guilt, shame, and remorse every time I think about it. I messed up bad, I can’t give you any excuse for what I did,” Cartwright said. “The only thing I would ask is for an opportunity to make things right.”

The court has yet to officially file Cartwright’s sentencing, which allows his attorney to file for a reconsideration. The defense argues he should be eligible for a community control program.

However, Mahoning County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Trapp said the court felt like a four-year sentence in May was appropriate and should not change that now.

“Back in May, the victim of one of these cases did come in, made a very substantial, very impactful statement,” he said. “The state feels like the court utilized this statement and came forward with this very substantial sentence of four years.”

Judge D’Apolito said he still considering everything and that he had files to go through. He said he’ll make a decision on the sentence reconsideration by the end of the week.