Innovative sealing method saves roads and money in Trumbull County

VIENNA, Ohio (WYTV) – The Trumbull County Engineer’s Office¬†is trying out a new process when it comes to chip sealing roads — using recycled asphalt grindings from paving projects in other parts of the county.

Each year, crews with the engineer’s office chip seal about 60 miles of road but this year, they’re trying something new.

“This is our third road that we’ve done it so far. We’ve had very good results,” said Highway Superintendent Tom Klejka.

On Scoville North Road in Vienna, they’re using recycled asphalt grindings as slag — a material they can get when other roads in the county are milled down for paving.

“The whole goal here is to utilize our resources to their fullest. The road grindings were something that had normally been discarded in the past,” Klejka said.

For example, the North Road and E. Market Street paving project in Howland Township provided about 6,500 tons of road grindings to work with.

Klejka said they learned of this method from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The recycled asphalt sticks to the road better, reducing the amount of dust and stone that gets kicked up when the road is driven on.

This method also saves the county money.

“The process we’re using now has greatly reduced the cost of what we do, which allows us to do more miles per road each year to help save the roads before we can pave them,” Klejka said.

He said they’ll be doing test sections in both Gustavus and Weathersfield townships, too.