2 local men to assist in Sacramento wildfire relief efforts

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Two local Red Cross workers are going out to Sacramento to assist in disaster relief efforts for a massive wildfire.

It’s covering nearly 48,000 acres.

Jason Mitman and Mark Strausser are flying out Friday afternoon. They’ll be helping people who have lost their homes or who have been affected by the fire.

The fire is on a much bigger scale than what they’re used to, but Mitman says they know they can help.

“You know, these same people are hurting just like the local people here when they have a house fire,” Mitman said. “So we’re going out to offer them the assistance they need — the moral support and any other assistance we can offer them.”

A third Red Cross worker, Randy Liang of Akron, has already traveled to help in Sacramento.

Mitman and Strausser will be staying for about two weeks.