Youngstown man accused of swallowing drugs to hide them

Police say they found a couple bags of drugs with Moore after a hit-and-run and he ate one of them to hide it

Power lines were down and two were injured after a driver hit a utility pole early Wednesday morning

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A Youngstown man was charged with drug possession and tampering with evidence Wednesday. Police say he tried to drive away after a hit-and-run near Hillman Avenue and West Glenaven Street.

Police responded to a call about a driver in a white SUV trying to leave after hitting a utility pole around 3:30 a.m. Officers then saw a white Cadillac Escalade with rear-end damage and broken windows driving down West Evergreen Street, according to the police report.

Thomas Moore Jr., who was driving the SUV, was pulled over and ordered to step out of the car. Police say he was covered in blood, his skin was peeling and his sweatpants were torn.

A small bag filled with marijuana fell out of the car as Moore was stepping out the vehicle, which was taken by an officer, according to the report.

Moore told police that he was bloody because he jumped from the moving car after encountering a man with a gun standing in the street near Hillman and West Glenaven.

An officer asked him to give details on the alleged man with a gun, but the Moore was too distracted trying to find his wallet, the report said.

He accused a woman of driving and wrecking the vehicle.

Moore was locked in the back seat of the police car. An officer noticed two blood-covered bags on the seat next to Moore while he was in the police car.

When the officer tried to grab the bags, Moore snatched one of them and ate the bag and its contents, which police say was a white substance.

“It’s just marijuana, man,” Moore said, according to the police report.

The officer was able to grab the other bag, which was suspected to be crack.

Another officer went to the scene of the accident and found a woman lying in a nearby field, yelling in pain. She was taken to Saint Elizabeth Hospital by an ambulance.

After inspecting the scene of the crash, Moore’s personal items, including the wallet, were found. A female’s shoes were found in the SUV, one in the driver and passenger seat.

Moore was also taken to Saint Elizabeth Hospital for his injuries. The report said he will be taken to the Mahoning County Jail after he is treated.