Garbage overflow at E. Liverpool home shows city’s trash problem

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – A problem with trash is showing its ugly head in East Liverpool, as a former resident is blocking sidewalks with trash overflow. It has people upset and city leaders looking for new ways to keep their streets clean.

On Thursday, things you’d normally find inside a home — like a mattress, TV or chair — were found outside of an East Liverpool residence.

“The people that were living there moved out,” East Liverpool Police Chief John Lane said. “They emptied the house out and put all of their trash and furniture — everything that was left in the house — they piled it out there on the curb.”

After a resident complained, police and the city’s Safety Services Director went to investigate. They called the amount of trash they found on the property “appalling.”

There was broken glass on the sidewalk and a large knife stuck in the mattress. The family in the house was gone, but police tracked down the landlord, who they say have been a problem before.

“He was cited,” Lane said. “We’re trying to curb the problem. He said he understood. But this is the second time it’s happened, so hopefully he won’t do it again.”

Since the city contacted the landlord Thursday, he went and cleaned up the trash. But Chief Lane hopes a new program the city is implementing will help get the streets cleaned up faster.

A quick phone call to the Safety Service Director’s office will get the city’s new bulk trash truck out to your house to pick up any big items.

“It’s all piled out there and within 7-8 hours at the most, they’re there picking up the stuff and it’s gone,” Lane said. “It’s not an issue. That’s what the whole program’s about.”

Lane says they’ve had problems with stuff blowing down the hills, into creeks and even issues with people disposing of bed-bug-ridden items.

The city asks you to call them before putting your items out on the curb.