Brookfield sub shop looking for new ownership

The Bellybuster Sub Shop is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Bellybuster Sub Shop

BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – A Brookfield landmark that’s been around since the mid-70s is now up for sale.

The Bellybuster Sub Shop has always been located on Warren-Sharron Road and owned by the same family, but it may soon be changing hands.

Tracey Mills is the current owner of the sub shop, she says it’s been in her family since the beginning.

“My father was a journeyman plumber and this was actually the plumbing store, and we had a greenhouse garden center. And my mom said, ‘Let’s try this new sub sandwich.’ We put it in and it’s been a success for 43 years,” Mills said.

Although she says it’s emotional and she doesn’t want to leave Brookfield, Mills says it’s time for her to move back to where she lives — in Athens, Ohio — to have a different life.

“The center of Brookfield has been my home for 50 years, almost better. But we have wonderful, wonderful subs. I’m leaving this area because both of my parents have passed away,” she said.

Her parents originally moved to the area in 1966, into the house next door to the sub shop. They put in a greenhouse garden center in 1970 and Bellybuster was founded in 1974. A floral gift shop was built in 1985.

“I’ve closed different businesses and I’ve sold off different things, and now the Bellybuster is the harder thing for me to give up because it’s such a wonderful business. Brookfields kind of changed since Valley View left and I’ve been trying for a long time to keep it as it used to be,” Mills said.

She hopes someone will come along with the strong entrepreneurial sense that her mother had and be able to take the sub shop to a completely different level.

“The history of the Bellybuster should go on. If someone is brilliant enough to see the books and take over and do what we have been able to do for 43 years, they would become a great success, I can almost guarantee that,” Mills said.

Despite rumors that she has already closed the sub shop, if she can’t sell it she doesn’t plan on closing.

“I think the Bellybuster would be foolish to close because it has been a staple in Brookfield for a long time,” Mills said.