Before Youngstown visit, McNally urges Trump to not cut Medicaid

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – On the eve of President Trump’s visit to Youngstown, Mayor John McNally — along with Dayton Mayor Nan Waley — has written a letter to him, warning of the economic impacts if Medicaid is cut.

In the letter, McNally and Waley write that Trump’s visit to Youngstown “comes at a critical time in the ongoing effort to improve our nation’s healthcare system.”

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It discusses how manufacturing jobs leaving the two cities has hit their economies hard.

The letter says, “You ran on a promise of restoring prosperity to regions of the country like ours. Yet, the ongoing effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will hurt our communities and our constituents.”

McNally and Waley also mention the opioid epidemic affecting the area and say that cutting Medicaid will cause people to lose treatment coverage.

Mahoning County has the highest percentage of adults who receive Medicaid coverage at 14.4 percent.

Montgomery County, which covers Dayton, has 11.9 percent on Medicaid.