Crews find body inside burning car in Warren

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Detectives in Warren are investigating a body found in a burned-out van Monday morning on Pershing Avenue SW. This is not the first time the neighborhood has seen problems.

Investigators are not able to release much information at this time about the body or the van but they did say it could be connected to other crimes in the area.

It was an alarming sight for Pershing Avenue residents, including Linda Davis, who called 911.

“I thought there was some garbage dumped down there because the limbs were over on the side of the road and so I told my son, ‘Go down there and see what they dumped down there now,’” she said.

It was around 10 a.m. when her son discovered the body burning in a van just yards away from Davis’ home.

“He comes back white as a ghost and says, ‘Mom, call the cops. There’s a burnt van down there with a body hanging out,’ and I go, ‘Oh my gosh!’”

By the time firefighters and police got to the vehicle, it was completely charred. Police blocked off the area during their investigation.

They think the fire was set Sunday night.

The van is registered to a 31-year-old Warren man but the body hasn’t been identified yet.

This is an investigation into what is only the latest body found in this exact area. In 2014, the body of 23-year-old Sierra Roberts — the daughter of a Warren City Police captain — was found just a few feet away from where the van was on Monday.

“It’s happened before. They found a body, they’ve found stolen vehicles, stuff from people’s purses that were dumped down there. A school teacher from Harding, they found her stuff,” Davis said.

Davis has lived on Pershing for 30 years. She said lately, the crime and trash dumping at the far corner of the street have gotten out of hand and that she’s gone to the city several times to try to close it down.

“They use the excuse emergency vehicles can’t get down. They can get in from either end.”

The city also told Davis that school buses need to get through the street as well. She hopes this most recent event will show the city just how dangerous the corner of the street has become.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a body found in a burning car in Warren.