Men training at Howland academy ready to be excellent firefighters

BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) –¬†There will soon be eight new firefighters ready to report for duty. They’ve been in training since the beginning of June and on Monday, tested the skills they’ve learned outside the classroom.

They still have to pass the state test at the end of the week but instructors at the Howland Training Center say the men in this particular class are going to make excellent firefighters.

“Every day, I come in knowing that this was the right choice for me,” Adam Charles said.

Going on eight weeks now, Charles has been learning the ins and outs of becoming a firefighter.

“You learn everything from, you know, nutrition the first week, you know how to drive the truck, how to do the hydrants,” he said. “Basically, you know ‘get in and put out a fire.'”

Charles is one of eight guys taking part in the Howland Training Center’s Fire Academy.

“It trains you for all aspects firefighter — fire fighting behavior, prevention, safety. I mean, it’s all around. They have covered every aspect of firefighting that you can think of,” said Jacob Giuriceo, with the Struthers Fire Department.

On Monday, the trainees took everything they’ve learned and used it to put out a real fire.

“Once these students pass this and take their state exam, they’ll be eligible to be firefighters on paid fire departments,” said instructor Lt. James Williamson.

Two of them have already landed jobs at fire departments in Struthers and Farmington, while the rest hope an opportunity will come their way soon.

“Whatever chance I get first, that’s what I’m gonna take — no matter if I get paid or not. I just love doing this,” Charles said.

Lt. Williamson said the trainees will succeed no matter where they are.

“These are gonna be excellent firefighters. Whatever department they go to serve, they’re gonna be very fortunate to have these ones.”

This is the first academy the Howland Training Center has held in nearly a decade. Williamson said they hope to hold another one next year.