President Trump promises jobs, security during speech in Youngstown

The crowd was heavily pro-Trump, although two protesters were removed prior to the president's arrival

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – President Donald Trump spoke to a crowd in Youngstown, promising that under his presidency, the state of Ohio would thrive.

He promised that he would bring jobs back to the area, telling Valley residents, “Don’t sell your house.”

“I’ll tell ya what, I rode through your beautiful roads coming up from the [Youngstown Warren Regional] Airport and I was looking at some those big, once-incredible job-producing factories,” Trump said in front of a sold-out Covelli Centre. “And my wife Melania said, ‘What happened?’ I said, ‘Those jobs have left Ohio.’ They’re all coming back. They’re all coming back.”

The crowd, heavily pro-Trump, cheered after the remark.

But not everyone inside was a supporter.

During his speech, police pulled out two protesters — one holding a “Trump must go” sign and the other a Russian flag. Prior to his speech, two others were removed from the venue,.

Trump wasn’t phased, however, telling a cheering crowd, “He’s a young one. He’s going back home to mommy. He’s in trouble. And I bet his mommy voted for us, right?”

Trump’s speech was largely like campaign rallies that he has had in the past. He spoke about a variety of issues — from his efforts to repeal Obamacare to increasing security at America’s borders.

“We are keeping our promises to the people, and finally, finally, finally, we are putting America first,” Trump said.

He was introduced by First Lady Melania Trump, who said her husband believes in the American dream.

Trump also criticized the media to chants of “fake news” from the audience and government bureaucracy. He also criticized those who said he say he doesn’t act presidential.

“That doesn’t get it done,” he said.

Trump has visited the Valley a few times before, but this is his first trip to the area as president.

More than 20,000 people registered for his rally, and there was an overflow area with video monitors set up outside for people who couldn’t get a seat.

White House political aide Omarosa Manigault excited to be back in the Valley

Taking advantage of the captive audience were several vendors selling their wares, everything from hats and t-shirts to buttons and bumper stickers along with the famous “Make America Great Again” hats.

Some of these vendors come from all over the country and have been following Trump since his days on the campaign trail last year.

“When he was campaigning, there were always thousands of people there inside and outside. We never did a rally that there wasn’t thousands and thousands of people,” said Dawn Wilcoxson of Clearwater, Florida.

Wilcoxson said she started the permit-application process to be in Youngstown last week right after she learned the President would be coming to town. Others who failed to get that permit in advance were told by Youngstown police they had to leave until they could get it.

Prior to his Youngstown event, Trump spoke at an invitation-only event as part of American Heroes Week. He honored about 150 veterans and their families at AMVETS Post 44.

Trump was joined by Secretary David Shulkin, Department of Veterans Affairs; Secretary Ryan Zinke, Department of Interior and Secretary Rick Perry, Department of Energy. First Lady Melania Trump and White House political aide Omarosa Manigault also traveled with him.