Austintown High School Band donates old uniforms to Michigan school

A high school band from Michigan plans to change its colors to red and blue, to match its new uniforms from Austintown Fitch

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Austintown Fitch High School Band is getting new uniforms after 15 years.

They didn’t want to just throw the old ones away, though, so band members decided to donate their old uniforms to Garden City High School — a small school about 15 miles outside of Detroit, Michigan.

Garden City needed more uniforms but couldn’t afford to get new ones. The band has about 60 members and is expecting about 20 more from the new freshman class.

Austintown Fitch members say this all started when one band member’s family got in contact with Garden City through their own family in Michigan.

Members of Garden City’s band met with members of Austintown Fitch’s band on Saturday to pick up the uniforms.

“It feels nice to have the tradition of the Fitch band uniforms go on and be reused instead of just sitting in a closet,” said Austintown senior Antionette Brochious.

“We feel like we’re doing a lot more, not only in our community but in communities across the country,” said Austintown senior Robert Malizia.

“We don’t know them, but we do know them — it’s band,” said Austintown’s Nicholas Mattiussi.

Garden City’s band changed its colors from blue and orange to blue and red, to match with the new uniforms. The band also wants to leave part of the Austintown uniforms in tact to remember them by.

“We’re going to change the colors of the marching band to accommodate the school colors, and we’re hoping we get permission to leave the school’s name on one of the shoulders so we can honor both sides of the fence,” said Margaret Sanders, president of Garden City’s band.