From Boardman to BuzzFeed: Valley native returns to cover Trump rally

Henry Gomez started his career as a journalist writing for The Boardman Bugle, he now works for the BuzzFeed website

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – One of the national reporters who covered President Donald Trump’s rally in Youngstown on Tuesday is actually a Boardman native.

Henry Gomez graduated from Boardman High School in 1999, moving on to Youngstown State University. He now works for the Internet media company BuzzFeed as a political reporter.

Gomez started out at his high school’s newspaper, The Boardman Bugle. He moved on to YSU’s paper, The Jambar, and the Tribune Chronicle while in college. He then covered politics for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and for about 12 years before joining BuzzFeed earlier this year.

“I follow the Republicans around nationally, covering the Trump administration and all the interesting stories that are sprouting up out of that,” he said.

Gomez talked about how each day is different covering Mr. Trump’s presidency and modern politics.

“You wake up and see what he tweeted and that’s how you kind of know where your day is going to go and what kind of questions you’re going to be asking, and who you’re going to try and chase down. So it’s different and sometimes it’s really stressful, but also it’s unique and a lot of fun and I’m very fortunate to have this type of platform to be able to share stories with other people,” he said.

Although he loved working at his past jobs in print media, he says working for an online news source is leading him in the right direction.

“What I like about BuzzFeed is they kind of understand the Internet, it’s Internet based. They understand social media. It’s such a tremendous platform for us to grow. It’s the future and it’s just an exciting team to be a part of,” Gomez said.

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