Police raid Canfield home, looking for drugs

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – With search warrant in hand, police surrounded a Canfield home Wednesday afternoon — the latest move in a drug investigation to see if more evidence could be found.

Investigators had a judge’s authorization to look in the house along Timber Run Road, removing a box from the home during the raid.

“The search warrant, we were looking for drugs, specifically marijuana, and then the typical things that go along with it — firearms, cash, things of that nature,” said Canfield Police Officer Josh Wells.

Canfield police had a strong back-up from the law enforcement task force.

The target of their one-month investigation — Michael Malvasi, Jr. — was home when police showed up. He was not arrested or charged Wednesday. Investigators will talk with prosecutors to see if they have enough evidence for charges.

“It could stem anywhere from possession to trafficking. We’re going to take a look at exactly what we recovered today, in conjunction with some of the other evidence we have, and see where that leads us,” Wells said.

Malvasi is also facing an assault charge related to an incident in downtown Youngstown last November, according to court records. He pleaded not guilty to that charge. The final pretrial hearing is set for the beginning of September.

In 2009, Malvasi was involved in a brawl in the neighborhood. Police said he punched a student from Cardinal Mooney and that student came to his house with 13 friends to confront him.

All of them were charged with either trespassing or assault.

Malvasi is the son of Michael Malvasi, Sr., who was sentenced to four months in federal prison and probation after a tax evasion conviction in 2011. Malvasi, Sr. made some estimated tax payments to the IRS but failed to file the actual returns, according to court documents.