Youngstown School Board member sues CEO over public records request

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) –¬†Youngstown City School Board member Dario Hunter has officially taken legal action against CEO Krish Mohip.

The lawsuit — filed Wednesday in State Supreme Court — claims that Mohip failed to comply with Hunter’s open records request for any correspondence between the CEO and any employee or representative of Atlantic Research Partners, citing its “not so great” past. That’s the firm Mohip hired about six months ago to search for principals at a cost of over $12,000.

Hunter said the request was sent on June 29 and a day later, he got an email, saying Mohip received the request and would be responding within a reasonable amount of time.

Hunter said that never happened.

“According to Ohio Auditor David Yost, any court would certainly find the wait of more than 30 days in violation of the Public Records Act. We are past that time and I still haven’t received the records requested. This is not the first time the district has put up a road block to requests of public records.”

Mohip was at Hunter’s press conference Wednesday and said it has only been 22 business days since he received that open records request, which Mohip said is about 33,000 emails.

Mohip also released a statement before the meeting:

We will review Mr. Hunter’s complaint with legal counsel and we’ll respond in the appropriate court filings. And on advice of legal counsel, we cannot comment on pending litigation.”