Youngstown students take pride in summer gardens

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Three times a week, students gather to take care of the Youngstown City Schools gardens. The work gives them a chance to take on skills they’ve never learned before.

The raised beds were placed and planted at Chaney High School in the spring. The initiative gives students a garden to table education.

“We try to weed the beds, make sure the flowers get watered and turn over the dirt. This way, we have healthier plants,” said Callia Barwick, Steel Valley, K9S 4-H.

The students are enjoying the gardening activities and like watching the plants grow.

“Just watching it grow, and learning more about them and things you didn’t know already about other plants,” said Vada Cline, East High School 4-H.

For some, the gardens skills go hand in hand with other 4-H activities. When the plants are harvested, students can take some vegetables home with them. Some of the produce is donated to the community.

Advisor Kevin Douglas says the program not only teaches students about gardening, but other lessons are learned, too.

“In planting the garden, we did a lot of team building. We planned and that whole process. Them learning how to plant, learning about getting weeds and really paying attention to the plants and watching them grow,” Douglas said.