Columbiana Co. Fair sure not to get caught off guard by weather

Both the Columbiana County Fair and the Steel Valley Cluster Dog Show had to deal with severe weather Friday afternoon

LISBON, Ohio (WYTV) – The Columbiana County Fair and the Steel Valley Cluster Dog Show were both in full-go Friday, both held outside — and both had to deal with severe weather.

Chuck’s Best Gyros has been serving food at the Columbiana County Fair for over 25 years. It’s one of the biggest food vending locations there.

With so much equipment, Chuck’s Gyros is always ready for bad weather.

“My canopy can and will hold up to about 30 mph winds,” Cassie Baker of Chuck’s Gyros said.

“Every pole is tied down — 50 gallon water jugs tied to the trailer,” she added. “We’re staked down into the ground.”

The fair has a team monitoring the weather, which checks in every 30 minutes.

There’s no specific tent to take cover in, but leaders with the fair say they have enough buildings for people to take shelter.

“Hide. Stay dry,” said Tom Moore, Columbiana Co. Fair board member. “This fairgrounds had a severe incident years ago with lightning, so everyone here is gun shy anyways.”

Over 1,500 pups were in Canfield for The Steel Valley Cluster Dog Show Friday.

The weather cooperated with them for most of the day, but heavy rain rolled through later in the afternoon, forcing the show to delay some events.

“Because we don’t have people under the tent poles and the tents and stuff like that,” said Betty Jo Patterson of Columbiana County Kennel Club. “So sometimes they have a delay, and then we’ll just have to play catch up.”

Both of the events continue through the weekend. The gates are open until 10 p.m. Friday.

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