Historic Warren home on sale for $1 — so what’s the catch?

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – There’s a piece of history for sale in Trumbull County for just $1. But there’s a catch if you’re interested in buying the home.

A blue Gothic Cottage — just to the right of the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library — may just be for you.

“The board’s willing to sell it for a dollar,” said Jim Wilkins of Warren-Trumbull County Public Library. “All you have to do is move it. That’s all we ask.”

The library board bought the property last October from Valley Title. Their intent was to expand their current facility, making more room for their children and teen services — two areas busting at the seems.

“We really don’t need the building,” Wilkins said. “It’s not in any kind of shape that we can use. It’s so cut up inside. But we need the land, desperately.”

There's a piece of history for sale in Trumbull County for just $1. But there's a catch if you're interested in buying the home.
Only a third of the building is the original, built in the 1840s. The rest is additions that were put on in the 1970s.

The house has had so many modifications that experts say it lost most of its historic value.

And it needs a lot of work.

“One group has talked to us, a couple of people have come in,” Wilkins said. “But once they see how bad the building is and what kind of shape it’s in, nobody has the money to do anything with it.”

But since it’s in the city’s Design Review District — and on the Warren Redevelopment and Planning Corporation’s Historic Inventory list — there’s a few steps to take before it comes down.

“The requirement is that we put a sign up — visible from the street — for five months and let people know that the house is available for a dollar,” said Anthony Iannucci, executive director of Warren Redevelopment and Planning. “As long as it can be moved. If not, then at the end of the time, our review board can issue a permit for demolition.”

“I’d like to see it saved, I really would,” Wilkins said.

The sign was just put up in June, so there’s still a few months before a decision can be made.

Anyone interested in buying the house can give the library a call at 330-399-8807 or WRAP a call at 330-841-2566.