Neighbors frantically call 911 following deadly Warren crash, shooting

Police said Thursday night that two victims died and one was seriously injured during a shooting and car into house crash in Warren

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – When a car crashed into a house and shots were fired Thursday night, it created quite a scene for neighbors in Warren.

Everyone is looking for answers to explain the deaths of three people in Warren. It’s an incident that remains hard to explain as police continue to investigate.

Warren police released a statement Friday, saying dispatchers told them gunshots were heard from inside the vehicle. Officers found three people inside the car with gunshot wounds. All three — 18-year-old Ju’wantae Harbin, 24-year-old Devonte West, and 37-year-old Brandy Joseph — have died.

The 911 calls gave the first hint of a dramatic incident at Solar Street and Southern Boulevard just after 7 p.m. Thursday.

One woman said the car crashed into the house first. She said they were watching TV when they heard a loud “boom” and ran outside.

When three neighbors went over to help with the crash, she said they heard gunshots coming from inside the car and ran away.

There was quite a crowd at the scene last night. 33 WYTV News crews on the scene said, at one point, there were about 200 people standing around.

Investigators and Police Chief Eric Merkel were not ready to talk about the incident on Friday.

Still to be answered, what was going on in that car before and right after the crash.