Crews continue cleaning up debris in the Valley from Friday storms

Crews were still clearing debris from streets Saturday after severe weather hit the Valley Friday

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – People throughout the area are continuing their cleanup efforts after severe weather rolled through Friday night.

Streets in Liberty Township, Girard and Austintown were still dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

Liberty resident Shelley Berlin spent Friday cleaning up after a tree in her front yard uprooted and slammed into her house.

“The trees were bending over sideways and I just knew something wasn’t right,” she said. “I ran into the basement and within 10 seconds I heard a loud boom. I knew something had hit my house.”

Keith Corso’s house is across the street from Berlin. While the wind did snap one of his trees, his house was spared.

“All of a sudden, it was like someone switched a huge fan on, and then the wind started blowing straight across this yard behind me,” he said.

Around the corner from Corso and Berlin, on Lois Lane in Liberty Township, branches dangled from their bases and one tree crushed a fence.

Steven Mangin arrived home after the storm hit.

“I pulled into the driveway and it really looked like a war zone as far as trees fallen down goes,” he said.

The roof was removed from Car Town Moto Sales in Girard after being blown over yesterday, and crews continued to clean up Saturday.

A section of Oakwood Avenue in Austintown remained closed this afternoon as a tree continues to swallow a power line.