Wireless devices help Canfield police monitor traffic

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The next time your commute takes you through the city of Canfield, new devices mounted on traffic lights may help get you to your destination a little more smoothly.

Over the last six months, cameras and sensors went online at major intersections along US-224.

Canfield Police Chief Chuck Colucci said supervisors can monitor traffic flow at intersections from the station using cameras. Another device senses when vehicles are trying to turn and then changes the signal.

“Nobody likes getting stuck in traffic, myself included, and this was just one way to monitor that problem and make sure that traffic keeps flowing,” Colucci said.

There are even devices that can pick up the sound of an approaching siren and adjust the traffic signals and activate warning lights to help clear intersections for emergency vehicles.

Colucci said the wireless equipment came in handy recently when a major crash on Interstate 76 forced traffic to be detoured down US-224.

“We had quite a bit of backup, and the cameras were able to give us an opportunity to control out intersections without having an officer at each of the five intersections within the city,” Colucci said.

Colucci said the equipment didn’t cost the city anything. Some of the expense was paid by a research company studying Bluetooth cell phone technology in cars and trucks using equipment from the Ohio Department of Transportation that isn’t being used anymore.