Struthers line leads Wildcats in 2017

The Wildcats offensive line hopes to lead the way for Struthers in 2017.

STRUTHERS, OH (WYTV)-Size, strength and an attitude.

“6’2, one of them is 6’3, 285, they are kind of mean,” says Struthers head coach Curt Kuntz.

Struthers welcomes back two All-Ohio offensive linemen this season which will help Big 22 alum A.J. Mussolino’s replacement under center J.D. Hall in his first season as the starting signal caller.

“You know you want your quarterback as healthy as possible, and if somebody touches him, they are going to pay,” said senior lineman Jimmy Stefanski

“It is kind of a tradition here,” says Kuntz.

“If you are going to play offensive line there is only one way to play it, and it is a lot easier to do different things on offense when you are physical up front.”

“We have to do our best to help our quarterback out when he doesn’t have as much experience as we do,” said senior lineman A.J. Iarussi

The most impressive thing about Jimmy Stefanski and A.J. Iarussi isn’t their size, strength or experience, it’s their smarts.

“They are both 4.0 kids, getting Ivy League offers and things like that, so they are smart and can move,” says Kuntz

In fact, the two each scored at least a 30 on the ACT and are focused on furthering their educations in engineering after their senior years. A season they hope ends in another trip to Week 11.

“We want to get back to the playoffs,” says Iarussi.

That is our number one goal. We have a lot of high expectations for our team. We are just ready to get after it and start playing, and meet those expectations from last year.”

“Sometimes take for granted things are going to get easier after you make a run but it actually gets harder. Cause you have to work just as hard. you can’t take anything for granted,” said Kuntz

“Just play Struthers football,” says Iarussi.

You know, hard nose, we do not care what other people think about us. we will just go out and do what we have to do.”