GPS tracking nabbed boyfriend of murdered Youngstown woman

NIAGARA FALLS, NY: Arrested Aug. 9 - JeShawn Elliot, of Youngstown, charged with attempted assault of a police officer and menacing

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Detectives and prosecutors in both Youngstown and Niagara Falls, New York are still working to piece together details of a young woman’s murder — a case that remains unclear. What is clear is that technology played a major role in helping police track and catch their suspect quickly.

It all started just after 4:30 Wednesday afternoon when 27-year-old JeShawn Elliot’s brother called 911.

911 call: “My brother just confessed to me that he stabbed his girlfriend.”

The first officers arrived at Elliot’s north side home a few minutes later and immediately started looking for him and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Anvia Mickens.

“We determined that this became a critical situation and there were exigent circumstances attached,” Lt. Doug Bobovnyik said. “At that time, we were able to use the different types of technology without a warrant.”

Fearing that the woman’s life was in danger, police contacted OnStar and T-Mobile to see if they could locate the couple.

911 dispatcher: “We need to see if we can put a ping on a cell phone number on a possible stabbing victim.”

About an hour after the initial 911 call, police issued a nationwide alert.

Forty-five minutes later, Youngstown heard from police in Niagara Falls, who said they found the car with a female body in the trunk.

Although Elliot was not with the car, police found him a short time later riding a bicycle after Youngstown authorities sent a photo and description of him.

“We have great cooperation from Niagara Falls, New York Police Department and everybody in between,” Bobovnyik said.

While Elliot remains jailed in New York, local authorities are working to determine where he’ll be prosecuted.

“Did he kidnap her and bring her to New York and she was murdered somewhere in between? Those are questions that are unanswered,” Bobovnyik said.

Police are hoping to have some of those answers by early next week.