Online filing makes opening businesses in Ohio quicker and easier

COLUMBUS (WYTV) –¬†Opening a business in Ohio is easier today than it was five years ago.

Quicker, easier, faster — all ways to describe how people can start their own business in Ohio, according to Secretary of State Jon Husted.

Husted’s office announced Wednesday that 100 percent of what is needed to file a business with the Secretary of State can now be done online for the first time.

The cutting of red tape comes as part of an effort by Husted to make things more efficient for entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

“By putting it online, we made it so much easier to start a business,” Husted said. “Since doing so, we’ve set records every year for the number of new business started in Ohio.”

Since 2013, Husted said nearly 275,000 businesses have filed with his office — more than 70,000 in 2017 alone.

All of this follows the pattern Husted has had for working with businesses in Ohio.

Two years ago, the Secretary of State reduced the cost to start a business by 21 percent, saving businesses more than an estimated $4.5 million.

Husted said his work on this matter is just a small part of what needs to be done at all levels of government to prepare the state for the future.

“The world, the economy, is going to change in an alarming pace,” he said. “The states that are prepared for it are the ones that are going to win and the ones that aren’t will fall behind.”