Teachers excited to use solar eclipse as learning experience

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Classes aren’t even in session yet but some kids returned to school on Monday for eclipse viewing parties.

“I so badly want to share this with my students, past and present, and I think it’s just an awesome way to start the year,” said Megan Turillo, a 5th grade science teacher at Boardman.

The last solar eclipse visible from the United States was in 1979. That eclipse is what sparked Turillo’s interest in science.

Now she’s hoping Monday’s eclipse has the same effect.

“If we can get anybody excited about science — the girls, the boys, anybody — and spark their interest in it, this could be a big deal,” Turillo said.

Photos: Solar eclipse in the Valley

Kids got to experience the eclipse at Boardman’s football stadium, which hosted a watch party. Special solar eclipse glasses were on hand so people could watch it safely. Using a special solar filter on a camera, the stadium displayed the cosmos on its Jumbotron.

“We’re going to get the full aspect. We’re not in total totality but we are going to see a significant display with those shades on,” Turillo said.

Lordstown doesn’t go back to school for two days but it still had eager families waiting in line 30 minutes before it handed out eclipse glasses.

“I’ve already thought about how I’m going to incorporate that on day one,” said Rochelle Morgan, a science teacher at Lordstown High School. “Grill my kids — ‘You’ve better have watched the eclipse on Monday,’ and have them tell about it and maybe they can explain what is happening up there.”