Lisbon man in Texas for work stuck in midst of Tropical Storm Harvey

Josh Kupka, a military contractor, is in Galveston for work; He says the city is mostly under water

A Valley native is experiencing Tropical Storm Harvey firsthand in Texas.

GALVESTON, Tex. (WYTV) – A Valley native is experiencing Tropical Storm Harvey firsthand in Texas.

When Harvey was a Hurricane, it made landfall just northeast of Corpus Christi. Residents in the Houston and Galveston areas were only expecting some rain.

John Kupka of Lisbon is down in Galveston. He’s a military contractor in the area for work.

He told WYTV via skype Sunday night that it’s been pouring down rain for more than 24 hours straight. Kupka says as soon as the 24 hour-mark hit, locals began to panic and rush the supermarkets.

“Just people ramming each other with carts, trying to get the last bit of canned goods and stuff like that,” he said. “And especially us not being from this area, you have to pick and choose what you get. Because the hotel doesn’t have a microwave or a refrigerator in the room.”

Kupka was hoping to be leaving Texas by Monday, but officials say he won’t be able to leave until at least Thursday. The only ways in and out of the city of Galveston is under water.

“A couple inches of rain leaves a puddle on the ground,” Kupka said. “You can imagine a couple of feet of rain and what it actually does to the side streets. The side streets are all flooded. Down by the port is really flooded.”

WYTVwill be checking in on Kupka this week to find out if or when his situation improves.