Former Campbell police chief sentenced on criminal charges

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WYTV) – Campbell’s former police chief was sentenced Monday afternoon after pleading guilty to several misdemeanor charges.

Drew Rauzan was sentenced to one year of probation and was ordered to pay a $1,000. He will not be able to be a police officer anymore, surrendering his Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy certification, and he will have to report to the bar association and Supreme Court of Ohio, where he could face additional punishment.

Prosecutors say Drew Rauzan used a police database to look up information on people for his personal use. The investigation into the chief’s actions was conducted by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Police began looking into the Rauzan’s actions after a woman filed a complaint against him.

Rauzan issued a statement to WKBN on Monday:

I apologize to the entire Campbell community for my actions that led to my appearance in court today. I accept full responsibility for my use of OHLEG—4 searches over the past five years were not in compliance with the letter of the law. As a result of these searches, however, I did not profit whatsoever, either personally or financially and the State did not allege that I misused any of the information contained therein. I chose to not fight these OHLEG complaints by accepting this offer of a plea agreement.

I am relieved that this matter is now settled. Obviously I am deeply disheartened with having to appear on these misdemeanor charges but I understand that no one is above the law.

Regarding the rest of the false, defamatory, and twisted trash being purported about me, I have sought counsel and in the near future will be taking legal action against those individuals who have made these baseless public claims about me simply to embarrass, harass, and defame me. This trash is pure political retaliation against me by a mad-person, designed with the purpose of tormenting my life. This matter will also be settled soon in a court of law.