Nugget of Knowledge: Bacon packaging

Bacon packaging is unique due to a government mandate

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Let’s bring home the bacon this morning.

Bacon is fatty. Pork belly and fat have flavor; that’s why bacon tastes so good.

When you see a package of bacon in the store, you see how meaty is it. Manufacturers call this a shingle window — the slices of meat overlap like shingles on a roof.

Time for a reality check, if you’ve never noticed it before.

The government, in its infinite wisdom decided in 1973 on a new law, called section 317.8 of Title Nine of the code of Federal Regulations. Uncle Sam said we were eating too much fat so the bacon companies had to show us how much fat comes with our favorite breakfast meat.

The bacon packagers had to add this window on the other side. The length and height are so many inches, showing us what bacon really looked like.

We’ve had this kind of package for more than 40 years. Have you ever noticed it?

As “Bloomberg News” put it, it’s hard to think of another package that engages in such a clever sleight of hand on the front and then gives away the game on the other side.

Hey, it’s bacon, we know it’s fat, and that’s why we enjoy it.

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