Youngstown Police identify mom of toddler dropped off at police station

Mahoning County Children Services said an 18-month-old was dropped off at the Youngstown Police Station on Monday.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) –  Youngstown Police have identified the mother of a toddler dropped off at the Youngstown Police Station on Monday.

Denesha Davis is being held in the Mahoning County Jail for charges out of Cuyahoga County. She was booked into the jail on Monday night.

A family member was able to provide the name of the child, her birthday and the identity of the girl’s mother, according to Mahoning County Children Services.

It was mid-afternoon when someone identified only as a babysitter walked into the Youngstown Police Department and handed over a young girl. The sitter took the child all the way to the information window and even waited with her.

Police are not saying who the babysitter is or what the babysitter said.

But Cassandra Santiago claims that she is the babysitter, posting a photo of her and the little girl on Facebook. She said the mother of the girl dropped her off on Friday.

“You know, this baby has been abandoned. [The mother] hasn’t called the baby once to see if the baby was OK. She only left five diapers, she only brought, like, two changes of clothes,” she said. “I didn’t have diapers, I didn’t have nothing for this baby. I don’t even barely have enough food in my refrigerator, so I didn’t have what I needed to take care of this baby, and I wasn’t going to sit there and wait to see if the mom was going to call me back.”

Officers then called Children Services around 3 p.m., and caseworkers picked up the child. They bathed her and dressed her in clean clothes.

Children Services is now working with police on the investigation into how this happened and who was involved.

Jennifer Kollar said it’s rare to be looking for the parents instead of the child.

“A couple of my seasoned colleagues, they said this is a new one for them.”

The child is in the care of emergency foster parents Monday night. She is healthy and was smiling and eating.

Children Services said it plans to file a case in the Mahoning County Juvenile Court to get emergency custody of the child.

Danesha Davis