Sharon police officers think fast to save woman’s life with EpiPen

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SHARON, Pa. (WYTV) – A Sharon woman who was stung or bit is lucky to be alive Friday afternoon after some police officers came to her aid with an EpiPen earlier this morning.

Police Chief Gerald Smith said the 47-year-old was found in front of a N. Oakland Avenue home. She went into anaphylaxis shock.

Officers said she was rolling back and forth on the ground, gasping for breath, and holding the back of her neck.

Though she couldn’t talk, police were able to figure out she was having an allergic reaction and that she had an EpiPen in the basement.

They protected her head — which hit the sidewalk a few times — as she flailed around, gasping for air.

Her eyes rolled in the back of her head but when an officer gave her a shot of the EpiPen, she woke up moments later.

Officers found two large bites on her legs, believed to be spider bites.

The woman was taken to the emergency room for treatment.