Canfield Fair attendance lower than last year

There were about 26,000 less people at the fair this year. Bad weather Saturday may be to blame

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Attendance for this year’s fair is down and you can blame the bad weather on Saturday for the lower numbers.

The total attendance for 2017 was 284,556 — that’s 26,000 less than last year.

Wednesday saw about 21,000 guests and on Thursday there were 28,000.

Friday had the same outcome as last year’s attendance, with about 47,000 people at the fair.

Saturday took a huge dip from 2016, with just over 45,000 this year compared to over 81,000 last year.

Sunday saw a good turnout with just over 86,000 people, which is the highest single day attendance since 2004.

Monday saw a good turnout with 57,000 people at the fair, nearly up 10,000 from last Labor Day.

In 2016, the total attendance was more than 310,000.