Mercer County animal groups seeking 18-wheeler to deliver donations

HERMITAGE, Pa. (WYTV) – Three Mercer County animal rescue groups teamed up to help the four-legged victims of Hurricane Harvey.

All Paws Matter, Club Pet Adoption and the Mercer County Humane Society wanted to fill one semi-truck with supplies.

Then, the donations started pouring in.

A mountain of pet supplies has been collected behind the Tractor Supply in Hermitage. The items include pet food, cat litter, bottled water, medical supplies and more.


Thanks to people’s generosity from the Valley and across the country, they quickly had enough to fill six 18-wheelers.

Companies such as Joy Cone and PI&I MX chipped in by letting the groups use their trucks to deliver the donations to Hurricane Harvey survivors in Texas.

Kim Burdick from All Paws Matter said everyone wants to help.

“People love their pets, they want to make sure that the animals do get taken care of and this was a way that everybody could come together and help.”


Three semis are heading to the Montgomery County Shelter, which is serving as a distribution point for supplies.

Two other trucks are filled and ready to go, but Burdick said they are looking for one more semi to ship the remainder of the supplies.