Youngstown woman’s taxes withheld, IRS won’t say why

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Every year, Amanda Frohman files her family’s taxes without a hitch.

She usually gets her tax refund back after two weeks.

This year, the IRS sent her a letter instead. It’s been almost 200 days since the letter arrived, and the IRS is still holding on to their money.

“They were doing a detailed review on our tax return, and within 45 days we should have a result on that,” Frohman said.

Despite numerous calls, she said the government refuses to say why.

Frohman said every time she calls, the IRS says the taxes are in processing and a refund date will be on the website when available.

“It makes me wonder, is next year’s going to be held up because this year’s hasn’t processed completely?” she said.

Accountant Jerry Ricciaridi said a taxpayer advocate may need to get involved.

Less than one half of one percent of all returns are reviewed every year.

A spokesperson with the IRS said the agency can’t comment on the cases of individual taxpayers, but added that the Taxpayer Advocate Service can help if people have questions.