Nugget of Knowledge: How we hear ourselves

Inner vibration of your voice makes it unique to your ears


How often have you heard the sound of your own voice?

Maybe you’ve recorded a message for an answering machine, something for your cell and you’ve thought: I sound like that??!!

You heard your own voice differently because when it comes out of your mouth, it travels up your face and right into your ears and you get some inner vibration in your head and we judge that as our sound, but it really isn’t.

If you want to hear yourself as others hear you, without having to record anything, try this: place some sort of baffle…say file folders, or newspapers or magazines, even just your hands, in front of your ears and talk.

The sound goes out and around the room, affected by temperature and humidity, the people in the room, the carpet, the walls before it comes back to your ears…yes, there’s still some internal vibration from your head but you’ll hear yourself in a close approximation to how others hear you.

Good Luck.

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