Youngstown native who lives near Miami says he’ll stay during Irma

PALM BAY, Fla. (WYTV) – A Youngstown native who lives in Palm Bay, Florida says he’s staying put despite Hurricane Irma quickly approaching. He wants to be there to help others.

Fred Anderson moved to Florida 11 years ago. Palm Bay is located along the coast between Jacksonville and Miami.

He works in the trucking industry and sells truck parts.

Anderson says if emergency vehicles for first responders or electric company trucks get stuck or need fixed during the hurricane, he has to be there to help.

He went out before the big rush to get food and water, and his house is boarded up.

Anderson’s not alone amongst people staying home, but he says a lot of people are listening to Florida’s governor and evacuating.

“The highway I-95 within 40 miles is almost like a parking lot,” Anderson said.

Anderson says he’s betting and hoping that the storm isn’t as strong as it’s looking now when it hits. But he says if it gets bad, he’ll get out and head away from the coast.

WKBN talked to Anderson’s brother too, who left Palm Bay earlier.

He said there’s so much traffic that it took him nine hours on the highway to get out of Florida — a drive that usually takes three hours.